Created by Corban in 2015, the Amphibians are a species of humanoid crocodile creatures that live on Madman's Island.

Different Species Edit

There are three different species of Amphibians on the island, but only two appear in the Madman story.

  • The Alligator Amphibians.

These amphibians evolved from Alligators, and they are much more peaceful than their cousins. They live in the rivers.

  • The Crocodile Amphibians

Unlike the Alligators, the Crocodile Amphibians are incredibly aggressive towards any living creature that sets foot in their land. They stay in the swamps.

  • The Albino Amphibians

This rare species is only mentioned in Madman. They are a cross between the other two species, and because of the mix of genes, they become pale white with crimson eyes.

In The Story Edit

The first time they appeared was when Arnie and his team went through the swamps. Not only were they attacked by Madman, but also by the Crocodile Amphibians. Luckily they escaped.

Later, the soldiers found the Alligator Amphibians and convinced them to help kill Madman. This plan was successful, and they managed to defeat him.