Created by Nicholas in 2015, Buggy is a super hero from an alternate four madmen world were security never died.


Buggy was born in the Alternate Cyberpunk world ruled by Security and his agents. Not much more is known about Buggy and his real name is a mystery. At some point in his childhood he discovered he could shrink to the size of a fly or an ant, hence his name.

Creating his suitEdit

Buggy had been a genius since he built a black chrome plated jetpack at the age of five. When he was about sixteen he decided to use his unique power to defeat Security. He used the chrome plated jetpack, that was now rusty and almost yellow, and made bug eyed goggles and a fly mask. Also he created a black metal suit for himself.

Fighting the AgentsEdit

Buggy flew over the city and was attacked by the Agents who also had jetpacks. He doged their gun fire and shrunk so they couldn't see him. Then he appeared behind them and grew to normal size and shot them. 

Defeating SecurityEdit

After a long airborn battle with Security at the end of the book, he smashes Security's power chip so security's armour doesn't work. Security fell from the sky and to his death.


  • Buggy only became a Superhero because he disliked how Security killed his favorite person years before he was born. His faviroute person is Hello