Captain Bartemy Punch is a character contributed to The Four Mad Men by Cole. He is one of the main characters in Hook and Punch.

Before meeting Hook Edit

Before Captain Punch met Captain Hook he was the owner of the Pub "The Punching Pony" (A reference to the "Prancing Pony" from Lord Of The Rings). The pub was in the port on the opposite side of Neverland from where the action in Peter Pan takes place, and also only sold punch. The Pub had many customers, but one Regular called Bartholomew was actually the real owner of the Pub, because Captain Punch had bought it from him, but hadn't fully paid off all the money he owed to Bartholomew.

Meeting Hook Edit

Punch met hook on the rocks of Neverland while delivering some beer to some customers (Indians). Hook mysteriously escaped the Crocodile and lost his hook. Punch bought Hook back to the Punching Pony and gave him a hook.