Darth Vader is a character created by George Lucas and borrowed by TFMM. He is used as the main villain in the orangutan chronicles:Star Wars.

Meeting Orangutan Edit

Darth Vader met orangutan when Orangutan was catapulted into the death star from earth. He was going to kill the ape, but a Storm trooper named Bob saved him. Darth Vader soon took Orangutan up as an apprentice.

Training Orangutan Edit

Vader trained Orangutan well, and Orangutan mastered the Force.

Betrayal Edit

Darth Sideous convinced Vader that Orangutan wanted to become the Emperor, and Vader prepared the execution. Bob saved Orangutan, as they had become good friends, but Vader killed Bob by running him through with a lightsabere. Orangutan escaped and was found by Freddy the gorilla, in a banana winged space ship. Freddy was a rebel.

Final confrontation Edit

Vader continued to hunt Orangutan, and when they finally met on Mustafar, Darth Vader and Orangutan battled it out after Vader wound Freddy. Vader almost killed Orangutan, but Orangutan slashed up and destroyed Vader's mask, causing him to retreat. Freddy and Orangutan danced around, when suddenly...they woke up from the dream.

Notes Edit

  • Vader's story fits into the real universe of Star Wars
  • Orangutan calls Darth Vader Daft Father instead.