Created by Charlie in 2013, Mr. Hello was the third character to be created. He was pale white, had red eyes and a torn suit along with red and black hair (Half was black half was red).

Name Edit

His real name is Mr. Banker, the head of the bank of England. His Alias was gained when one of his workers visited and knocked on the door, shouting "Hello?" He opened the door and saw Mr. Banker screaming in his sleep. He closed it again but then the door opened and he saw half of Hello's face. Hello answered with "Hello?" The banker was never seen again.

Backstory Edit

George Makin was a scientist working for NOMAD. He created the monster Granny Sure, who could transform into a human. Granny Sure fell in love with Makin, even when his face was burned by acid. Together they had Hello, who was half human half monster. Because of this, he could transform into a monster.

Secondary Transformations Edit

Hello himself underwent some painful transformations. These transformations were caused by the 2nd Intergalactic Massage Convulsion. While he was in the rainforest being hunted by George Makin and his team he grew taller and had sharp teeth. He became stronger and his suit got ripped from branches. This was known as Rainforest Hello. Also while he was in the Himalayas he became tougher and grew to 7 feet tall. In the maze he went back to himself but much more ragged. Rainforest Hello was seen once more on a hill when he threw an axe into a climbers back. Then only the normal Hello was seen.

Childhood Edit

Unknown to him, when he was a child he would transform, the reason for him being home schooled. His father was an abusive man he killed by throwing a bullet shell with such speed that it pierced his skull.

Marriage Edit

Hello married Goodbye, another monster created by George Makin. She could become a human and a monster, which meant she was a good match for both Mr. Banker and Hello. Together they had one child, Hello Jr.

Death Edit

In 2014, the all the characters were attacked by a mysterious man called Security. Security crushed Hello's chest with a tree before disappearing. Hello.Jr swore revenge.

Notes Edit

  • Hello hired a farmer to work on his farm.
  • Hello was buried on his farm.
  • One day Granny sure reported she had seen him running through the woods after his death.