Created by Charlie in 2015, Madman is a strange evil man living on an island 200 miles of the coast of Madagascar.

Origins Edit

Madman was discovered by Arnie and his team of Army men. Nothing else is known about his life before being discovered.

First story Edit

The first Madman was found by Arnie when their chopper crashed into the forest on the island. Madman slowly picked off each member of the team until there was only 4 men left, including Arnie. Arnie discovered the Amphibians on the island, and they agreed to help kill Madman.

During the battle, Madman jumped onto Arnie and put a knife to his throat. Suddenly Arnie put a gun to his head and fired, killing Madman. The 4 survivors where saved by the army. Unknown to them, one of the 'dead' men survived and was left on the island. He became the new Madman.

Second story Edit

When a General and his men crash landed on the island 10 years later, they were all knocked out. When they awoke, the pilot, Fergus had a huge spear stuck in his chest. Again, Madman began picking them off. A dutch Hunter made a deal with the Amphibians. By the end the General and a pilot were the last men left, the General used his Amphibian spear to stab Madman. The dying madman had his chest crushed by the leader of the Amphibians.

Cyberpunk story Edit

In the Alternate world ruled by Security Security was never killed so neither was Madman because he died after Security in the real world. In the book Buggy-a super story, Madman's Island was nuked by Security's Agents before Arnie got there. Madman escaped the Island and swore revenge on Security. He becomes Buggy's side kick.

Friends Edit

Madman's only friend is Wild Corban.

Abilities Edit

Madman had the power of being bullet proof and a awesome climber.

Notes Edit