Manhunt is a short story written by Corban. It is possibly the most serious story created by TFMM.

Plot Edit

It began with some men transporting some captured 'Mutant Lizards'. The lizards escape and kill some workers before chasing a man called Micheal and the other 2 remaining men. The men hide behind a metal gate, but the lizards smash through and kill one man. Micheal has his hand bitten off but still shoot a Lizard. Him and the other man escape in a truck to the scientific research center. Two weeks after Micheal is taken to hospital, scientists look into how the lizards were created. Somthing destroys the power (the lizards) and the Mutant Lizards break in, killing five scientists. The others run away but are trapped in and old mine. One scientist picks up a glowing crystal and drops it saying "It's freezing!" the lizards break in and kill him, but back away when they see the crystal. The few surviving scientists are found by the military and meet a soldier named Carl who says he has seen the lizards before. They nuke the island and leave. In the epilogue, a lone egg in the deserted labs begins to hatch...

Notes Edit

  • It is still unknown how the mutant lizards were created, but the answer will be in the Lego stop motion movie made by The Four Mad Men based 10 years before the original story, with Carl as the main character.
  • The look of the Mutant Lizards is still unknown, but we will discover in the movie.