Contributed to TFMM by Cole, Mr. Comprehension is an insane Teacher.

Shoulder triggers Edit

If you touch both his shoulders at the same time he goes mad and tries to kill you. If you touch one shoulder or pat one shoulder he calms down. If you pat him while he his normal he goes happy. If you touch both shoulders twice at the same time he goes really really mad and you're doomed!

School isolation Edit

When a kid annoys him he locks them in a cell with an unbreakable unpickable lock for the rest of the day. It has no windows and is dark and damp. To make it worse there is scary pictures all around the cell and a leaky pipe in the roof! After going in there, you will never be naughty again!
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Mr Comprehension Issues Edit

He has issues which include:

  • *Throwing soft toys at every camera he sees.
  • Overreacting.
  • Screaming at people that swear.