Created by Oliver Baker 2014 Orangutan was inspired by the Mutant Lizards from Man Hunt. Oliver thought about his red hair also he liked monkeys: Orangutan!!!

How he Evolved Edit

Orangutan was originally an evil unsophisticated monkey who hugged people to death or bit them.

Over time Oliver decided that it would be good if Orangutan became nice but if he heard a siren he would go mad again. The only way to escape being killed is to stay still and try to keep out of his sight.

Family Edit

Orangutan's wife is called Mrs Chimp. They had a baby and named it Orangutan Jr.

The Orangutan Chronicles Edit

The Four Orangutan Chronicles are The Original, Orangutan In Star Wars, Sand plants, and Orangutan's Family.

Friends Edit

Orangutan's friends are the [1]Scientist, Freddy the Gorilla and Darth Vader.