Peeka is a character created by Oliver in 2015.

Back story Edit

Nothing is known from his past except that he visited the academy once or twice.

What he does Edit

Peeka spies on people who he wants to kill. You will see his eyes peeking out from the shadows. If you walk over to him he will jump out and drag you into the darkness. He has killed many people. The Police have never solved his murders.

Appearance Edit

All that has been seen of Peeka is his glowing eyes. No-one knows what he really looks like, although many people have come up with many different theories. Some say he is a lost Jawa, some say he has no body and is just a pair of eyes. All we know is, he's called Peeka.

Notes Edit

  • He does not have much to do with any of the other characters. This is because he doesn't want to be seen.