Created by Nicholas in 2014, Puku Nuku is an infamous Purple Vampire.

Origins Edit

Puku Nuku was once a cave explorer, but one day he discovered an ancient statue of a purple dragon. It sneezed on him, which transformed him into a Purple Vampire.

Appearance Edit

Puku Nuku's favourite colour is purple, which is very obvious when you see him. He has purple eyes, purple hair, a purple suit, a purple tie, purple shoes, and a pink shirt underneath his suit.

Nightclub Edit

The Purple Dragon Nightclub is a large nightclub owned by Puku Nuku and his wife, Nuku Puku. It has a bunch of waiters dressed in purple who are actually robots.

Underneath the nightclub is a secret railway, and this is where Puku Nuku drives his purple train.

Original Puku Nuku Edit

The original Puku Nuku was a CENSORED, but he was trapped in a portal loop along with the original Nuku Puku. At this moment, a huge inter dimensional portal was opened, and out stepped Purple Vampire Puku Nuku, who was from the dimension of Orneon, where he terrorised the island of I's'Land, which is where The Story Of Absolute Randomness takes place.

Notes Edit

  • He has various other names, including: Pazuzu, Pookunooku, and The Purple One.
  • His full name is Hapuku Nuku.