Created by Nicholas in 2013, Scavenger is a character who went to the Academy.

Scavenging Edit

Scavenger will eat anything he finds on the ground that has been there for more then five seconds (Including Humans). He owns a Zoo full of Scavenger animals like Vultures and Hyenas.

Book of Scavenging Edit

The Book of Scavenging is a book written by Scavenger. It includes a a short story about how he met the other characters, a guide to who's who in the TFMM universe, an official Scavenging certificate and much, much more.

To be a savenger you must be very quick on your feet, in case some junk on the mountains of garbage slips and you fall to your death. You must also make sure you are ready to eat anything. Extract from Chapter 4-How to be a Scavenger

Book Edit

There is also a book about a man who finds Scavenger hidden in a photo. He goes on a search for clues and eventually finds Scavenger in the dump.

Notes Edit

  • Scavenger lives in an apocalyptic 3066, so the dump is full of mountains of garbage as tall as the empire states building.
  • He lives underneath the dump in a cave he dug out himself.
  • His back story is unknown, although it has been guessed that he was once a human.