Created by Nicholas and Charlie in 2013, Security is the main villain of the Four madmen and Buggy-a Super story.

First appearanceEdit

Security first appeared when he killed Hellowith a tree. He disapeared and built up and army. 


Security has lots of weaponary including space ships, laser guns and lightning swords. His flagship is a small black interceptor.

Second apearanceEdit

Security appeared again with his army and attacked the other characters. He was fought off by Roast Dadda and Ning Ning


When he attacked the characters for the last time Hello. Jr, Goodbye and Granny Sure had a long battle with him in the forest. In the end he knocked out Granny sure and was about to kill Goodbye with his lightning sword when Hello. Jr threw a tree into him and crushed him.

Final apearanceEdit

His last apearance was in Buggy-a super story. He was ruling an alternate world were one of his workers saved him from being crushed. His legs were broken so he made a metal suit to hold his legs up. He wanted to kill buggy but in the end...

Second deathEdit

His second death was when he was fighting Buggy in the sky above his city. Buggy smashed his power chip so that he could not fly. Security fell from the sky and landed on the street. All his men died when he died.


His first suit was his Terrorist suit. He wore a black bullet proof vest with black sleeves and grey gloves. He had a brown scarf and a black hood. Last but not least he had black jeans. His second suit was his black pilot suit that he wore in his spaceship. It was completly balck and he had a black visor on his black helmet. His third and final suit was his Cyberpunk suit. It had two large metal arms with guns out the back and it was silver. He had a silver helmet with a transperant visor.