Created by Oliver in 2015 and originally called Rock Man, Stone Heart is a giant man made out of rock and stone.

Creation Edit

Stone Heart used to be a normal scientist who worked in the Labs in the book Manhunt. When the mutant lizards caused a rockfall, a test tube full of special liquid spilled on him just as the rocks hit. The liquid joined his human flesh with the rocks and turned him into Stone Heart, because that's what science goo does.

In film and TV Edit

In the TV Show The Four Mad Men Origins, Frank Wilson is a Gang Leader in the fictional Cyrus City. After being terribly wounded he was found by The Order of the Shadow Monks. They nursed him back to health, but being a crazy cult they used science to turn him into Stone Heart.

In the movie The Four Mad Men 3: Wrath of the Villains, Stone Heart, Puku Nuku, Hokey Pokey, The Pyromaniac, Venom and Changer brake out of a giant underground prison. They wreak havoc all over the country, and they also pick up characters like Mad Man, Wild Corban and Peeka on the way. Stone Heart is killed by Corban, who throws a barrel of dynamite into the mineshaft that Stone Heart is in.

Notes Edit

  • Stone Heart is one of three similar characters created in 2015. These characters are The Pyromaniac, The Drowner, and Stone Heart.