A comic series curently being written by Nicholas, these books each have ideas from all of The Four Mad Men. They will not be put on this wiki (Probably)

Book 1 Edit

The first book is called New Beginnings. It is about Lord Charlie. Puku Nuku and his wife Nuku Puku are released from jail unintentionally, so Lord Charlie holds a tournament to see who will get to arrest them. On the journey they meet Nicholas the huntsman and Corban son of Big head. They have to reach Hermit Town before Puku Nuku, because Hermit town is not owned by Lord Charlie, so once he's there, Puku Nuku can not get arrested.

Book 2 Edit

The Fat Pigs (Who released Puku Nuku) invade Hermit Town. Hermit Town has lost contact with it's allies, and must battle their enemies alone. But when a man is murdered, our heroes must find the killer before the fat pigs invade. And who does the killer work for? Puku Nuku, The Fat Pigs or both?

Book 3 Edit

Lord Charlie and Nicholas are chased out of Hermit town by The fat Pigs. They meet a crazy old guy who accidentally brings an old friend back to life. Meanwhile Ning Ning and Hokey Pokey lead a mini-revolution to save Corban from the enemy's clutches.

Book 4 (Final in series one) Edit

The final battle begins. Corban, Nicholas, Psycho Sam, Oliver of Weird Hair, Lord Charlie, Daughter, Ning Ning and Hokey Pokey must march against an enemy that is growing more powerful every day. Can they defeat The Lord Of The Fat Pigs, Puku Nuku and Nuku Puku before it is to late? And will the army of Norman's clones be as useful as the general thought?

Series two Edit

Although not yet released, the story will roughly be that after the battle, a distress call is sent, so Lord Charlie, Corban son of Big head, Nicholas and Daughter will have to discover the truth. A new villain is introduced and an old Villain returns.

Notes Edit

  • Corban is a giant. His father, Big Head, was a giant who was born the size of a human. The only giant sized thing was his head.
  • Lord Charlie has a mysterious past, and came to power through a revolution of stupid.
  • Puku Nuku and Nuku Puku are the main villains, but other villains are The Lord of the fat pigs, Lotsa hair and the fat pig armies.
  • TFMM characters like Ning Ning, Ning Ning's adopted son Bing Bing, Poe Elmo (Say Poy-ee elmo), Hokey Pokey and even Hello. They all live in Hermit Town.
  • In Book 3 Nicholas and Lord Charlie meet a drunk who looks weirdly like Mad Man...