Created by Nicholas and Corban in 2015, Stretchy is one of Toodlelatzu's brothers.

Creation Edit

Stretchy was the youngest of Toodlelatzu's brothers. He was once a human, but the Puppet Maker caught him and turned him into a ventriloquist doll by violently tearing his jaw off and replacing it with a wooden one. He still has lots of blood around his jaw and his eyes look like marbles, but they are actually still his human eyes.

Helping Toodlelatzu Edit

In the second Dolly book, Stretchy helped kill any humans that got in the way. He killed them by tearing their jaws off and breaking their necks.

Death Edit

Alice Daneson was attacked by Stretchy and he tried to kill her, but she grabbed his jaw, ripped it off and slammed him into the wall while crushing his heart with her bare hands.