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The 'The Four Mad Men HQ' is a show starring Nicholas and his PA, Cole. It has 2 seasons.

Episode namesEdit

SE1EP1: New Beginnings

SE1EP2: I'm mad!

S1EEP3: That's my chair!

SE1Ep4: All by myself

SE1EP5: (Season finale) The return of Cole!

SE2EP1:We're going to the jungle? P1

SE2EP2: We're going to the jungle? P2

SE2EP3: Attack of the killer Soft toys

SE2EP4: (Season finale) Attack on the killer Soft toys

SE3EP1: Hackers!

SE3EP2: Bomb Squad

SE3EP3: A death in the family

SE3EP4: Pixelated

SE3EP5: Rise of Security SE3EP6: (Season Finale)

Story lineEdit

Each episode has a different story, but it always starts with news music, followed by and alien like sound, which is supposedly the phone ringtone. Nicholas sits in a chair and Cole stands up until S1Ep3 That's my chair, when Nicholas has to get Cole his own chair. Every episode is about business problems or something happening in the HQ and they are all R13 for gory humour and low level violence.


Here is a link to the episodes:[1]Video here!