The TFMM saga is written by all four mad men and includes the following books: Rise of an era, Road to insanity and Gold vs Greed. Rise of an era will be added to this wiki and the Home Hub wiki later in the year.

Rise of an era Edit

A man goes missing in America. A mysterious text brings four old school friends together. People are disappearing left and right. Are all these events connected? To find out, Oliver, Charlie, Corban and Nicholas will have to risk everything they know on a treacherous plane ride and finally into a Government stockade that holds a deadly secret. Will The Four Mad Men be able to discover what is going on behind the locked gates of Area 51? And will they be able to defeat an evil businessman before he unleashes a deadly virus into America? You’ll have to find out!

Road to insanity Edit

The Four Mad Men open a theme park, but something is already going wrong. Cole has gone missing and an evil force is attempting to shut down the park…Permanently. To solve the mystery, TFMM must go to the darkest reaches of Africa, and discover a sinister plot against the entire world.

Gold vs Greed Edit

2 years after the events of Road to insanity, The Four Mad Men try to go back to normal life, but soon realize that danger is always following them. After their Theme Park is destroyed in a deadly fire and Nicholas is struck with a Mysterious Fever, Charlie, Corban, Oliver and Cole have to find out what caused both events, and how to stop anything like it happening again. When a chest of valuable jewels is stolen from Nicholas’ house, TFMM realize that greed is driving someone who they know. Someone they call friend. Can they find the cure to the fever before any one else catches it? And will they ever discover truth behind the treachery that is unfolding before their eyes?

Notes Edit

  • These stories are much darker than previous stories about The Four Mad Men, including TFMM HQ and TFMM Home Hub.
  • Cole is extremely happy because he kills a main villain in Gold Vs Greed.
  • Nicholas (Who is often the scribe of TFMM stories) is writing the official story, but the whole of TFMM made up the story.