The Academy for gifted youngsters is a school created by Corban.

Teachers & Students Edit

It is owned by Roast Dadda and was attended by Orangutan, Freddy, Puku Nuku, Nuku Puku, Wild Corban, Madman, Scavenger, Changer, and others. The teachers were Roast Dadda, Roast Bubba, Hello, Goodbye, Granny Sure, Mr. Comprehension, Captain Punch and many more.

History Edit

The Academy was built in 1864 by a posh Englishman. He died in 1886 and the building was forgotten by time. In 2005 when Roast Dadda and Roast Bubba came to the mainland, they made it their school. They invited people with strange gifts and abilities. They usually had to kidnap their students and bring them in Limos with tinted windows.

Security Edit

The Academy has many tough security guards who beat up anyone who is not allowed in. The leader of security is The Bearded Ape.

Uniform Edit

The uniform is a top hat, a black suit with black trousers, a black waistcoat, a white under shirt and a green tie. If you look closely you will see that it is not just plain black, but it has millions of life sized Ants painted on it.

Notes Edit

  • It is not known where the school actually is.
  • Hello lived there for 1 year before it was found by Roast Dadda and Roast Bubba.
  • Roast Bubba is the Deputy Principal.