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to the TVs and pointed at 5 of them “These are the areas that have been claimed by the Dundoos. Obviously they are moving outwards towards the HQ. These guys may be stupid, but they sure are clever.”

“Right. Charlie, you take a strike force to the Theme Park rides. Dan, you take a strike force to the labs. Oliver, you take a strike force back to the Party Hall. Corban, you take a strike force to the river. I’ll go to the jungle with some commandos. Cole, you and Dr O’Malley stay here.” Ordered Nicholas dramatically. Everyone went to their posts. The war for Mad Island had begun.

Chapter 8

Bush bashing and tree hugging

Charlie led his troops through the deserted theme parks. The roller coaster track was once a symbol of fun, but thanks to the Dundoos, it now was an ominus symbol of fear and death. Charlie raised his Tommy Gun as he heard a scuffling noise coming from the Merry-go-round. The troops spread out and aimed their guns in different directions. Suddenly, a Dundoo popped up from behind a horse. It started climbing over, but Charlie thought fast and pulled the lever to full speed. The Merry-go-round was almost immediately turned into a whizzing colour storm. The Dundoo was flung from the horse and landed in the toy shop with a loud snap. Luckily, they had killed it. Unluckily, this was only wave 1, which they realised when they saw about 100 Dundoos marching towards them “Fire at will!”


The Commandos crawled through the jungle. Nicholas crawled 8 meters behind them complaining about the mud “It’s sticky! I don’t like it! Can we walk?” The Commandos ignored him and moved on. These Agents had been specially trained to defend the island from any threat at any moment, but for some reason they always felt the need to crawl through the jungle, paint their face with mud camouflage that didn’t hide anything, wear sleeveless army style waistcoat things that showed the world they had six packs and army helmets with the straps hanging down. This was apparently ‘the way of the Commando’, but to Nicholas it was the way of suicide.  Crrraack!  Nicholas looked around and heard a thud as a brittle branch fell to the ground “AHH!”  Nicholas looked ahead. 5 Dundoos had ambushed them! One Commando was dragged into the bushes, but the others stood up and began firing at the beasts. Nicholas fumbled around and pulled out a Machete. He breathed in and out before charging at the Dundoos. He slashed out and cut a Dundoo head clean off “Uhh.” More and more Dundoos began appearing out of the bushes. Nicholas was getting a bit squeamish “Time to go.” he whispered.


Oliver, Corban and Dan were all having similar troubles. It seemed this was the end for The Four Mad Men. But it wasn’t. For every problem there is a solution, and if there is only one solution, take it. Nicholas was retreating, Charlie was shooting, Oliver was slapping and Corban was swimming. Dan was still looking for Dundoos though, and so far he hadn’t found any. He never would, because the Dundoos were moving to other areas, expanding  their territory. Dun dun dunnnn!

Chapter 9

I’m hungry

Cole and Dr O’Malley on the other hand were still watching the security cameras. Cole had gone to the canteen and bought 8 Crusonts, 5 blocks of Black Forest Chocolate, 2 tubs of mixed Ice Cream, 18 Apples, 7 packs of 2 minute Noodles and 4 small Banana Cakes. Dr O’Malley was eating a Carrot. He would have bought more food, but Cole had gone to the Canteen first and bought almost every item on the menu. “So, how are they going?” Asked Dr O’Malley.

“They seem to be-yum-fighting the-mm-Dundoos pretty well.” Said Cole as he greedily licked his fingers for any crumbs. Dr O’Malley stared hungrily at the large pile of food still remaining “Why do you get so much food again?”

“I’m hungry. I don’t know why.”

Dr O’Malley nodded and left the room. He went straight to the phone and dialed a number “Hello. Yes, it’s me. OK. Put part 2 of the plan into action. Yes. The Scientist did not fail, our army has been completed. Good. OK. Goodbye.” Dr O’Malley hung up and returned to the Security room smiling evilly. Cole looked at him for about a minute. He shrugged and continued munching his 13th Apple “Hang on!” He shouted “Look!” Cole pointed at the screen. Nicholas was running out of the forest with exactly 23 Dundoos behind him. At the river, Corban was climbing out and heading towards the HQ. Charlie and the remnants of his troopers were retreating and Oliver was hiding behind a large speaker in the Party Hall. In short, the plan was failing. Again. Dr O’Malley sighed a hefty sigh and left the room. Cole did not know where he was going, but he didn’t really notice, because his 4th Banana Cake was delicious!


Dr O’Malley went into an Elevator and clicked on the basement button. The computer asked him for an eye scan. He bent down and scanned his eye on the eye scan machine thingy majiggy. “Searching for eye scan recognition. Eye scan recognised. Good afternoon, Dr O’Malley.” The doors slid open and Dr O’Malley stepped into the cold room. A single light hung in the middle of the room, just above a strange sort of bed that was surrounded by chairs. The bed had a wire for each chair coming out of the sides. Each wire had a little needle on the end that poked into the bed. On the other end of the wires were gas masks, again, 1 per chair. It is kind of hard to explain. Just use your imagination! Dr O’Malley walked to the table and tested the gas mask to see if it fitted. He removed it a smiled. He then went to the phone in the basement and dialed the same number as before “It’s me again. The Gas Masks are all the right sizes. Of course not. Yes. I will. Exactly, all we have to do now is capture one. Yes. Goodbye, see you soon.”


“Where were you?” asked Cole when Dr O’Malley returned. “I was...looking in the basement.”

“That has security lock.”

“Well, I was going to look in the basement, but it didn’t let me.”

“Right. I’ll go and check on it if you want.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to.”

“No no, it’s fine.” Cole sped to the elevator and pressed the basement button.

“Please scan your eye.” Cole stared into the computer “Unrecognized. Incineration activated.”

“What? No!” Cole slammed all the buttons. He could hear the boilers in the roof heating up. “No! Help!” The roof began glowing red. Any minute now blue flames as hot as lava would shoot out and kill him instantly. The Elevator was heat proof. Just as the flames started shooting out, the Elevator jerked upwards. Cole fell to the floor with relief. Why did the computer not recognize him? He knew there was only 1 answer. Hackers.

Chapter 10

The virus spreads

Oliver breathed in deeply as the Dundoo passed by the speaker. If he moved an inch he would be spotted and torn to shreds. The Dundoo was hungry. It had missed out on eating Oliver’s strike force and was looking for some more food that it could eat by itself. It’s clothes look like they were clean a couple of hours ago but had been the main target in a mud fight. Its skin was grey and a disgusting smell followed it everywhere. Oliver cocked his gun and jumped out from his hiding spot. The Dundoo whipped around and choked in a anger. He fired 3 bullets at it and it fell over dead. Oliver breathed out and let a small laugh slip. He could hear more Dundoos coming. He had to find the others. He sprinted towards the fire exit and silently disappeared just as the Dundoos arrived. Soon enough The Four Mad Men were reunited “How did you survive?”

“The Dundoos were like roar! And I was like bang bang!”

“I killed all the attackers and definitely didn’t swim away screaming.”

“My soldiers all got eaten and gave me time to escape. Poor soldiers.”

They all had a story to tell, but there wasn’t much time. They headed to the only Unimog truck left, the one that Charlie’s team had used. Only 4 AOM members were in the truck, which made 8. To stay undercover, they decided to move through the jungle, hoping it would be safer that way.

“Hang on, what the heck happened to Dan?” asked Oliver.

“He’ll be fine.” answered Corban “We can radio him.” Corban grabbed his walkie talkie and called Dan “Dan, this is Corban speaking, do you copy? Over.”

A crackly reply came back “I copy, we are still looking for the Dundoos.”

“You mean there are none at the labs?”

“No, not a single Dundoo in sight. What should we do? Over.”

“Stay there. If no Dundoos turn up for the next hour, return to the HQ, over.”

“OK. Over and out.”

Corban put the walkie talkie down and giggled “You see, everyone is safe. Charlie groaned angrily. He was angry because he wanted to kill the Dundoos, not observe them and run away. The others did not know this, but they still kept their distance. An angry Charlie is worse than an angry tourist. The Dundoos were enlarging their population. Nicholas theorized that the only people non Dundoofied were the people in the truck and the people in the HQ. This left about 154 non infected people fighting about 296 Dundoos. If the Dundoos got into the HQ, it would be the end for everyone. ‘If only we could find a cure’ Thought Nicholas ‘Then maybe this whole mess would be over. Maybe.’

Chapter 11

Recurring problems

The Unimog truck rumbled across the muddy jungle, bulldozing down every tree that got in its path. They were taking the shortcut, although thanks to the trees it was even longer than the actual road trip. Mud sprayed out from the wheels, sending a sticky rain splattering everywhere. Oliver leaned out the back and saw some Dundoos running after them. He banged the roof and called for the driver to speed up. The Unimog began growling, and all of a sudden a huge rocket powered motor shot out of the roof and clanked into position. The driver clicked a small switch and the rocket motor burst into action, sending flames shooting into the Dundoos and turning them into crispy statues. The Unimog barged through the trees, and in no time at all they were back at the HQ. The Four Mad Men went inside and met up with the receptionist “We need every man, woman and child who can use a gun to be armed! This is war!” said Corban. The receptionist repeated this through the speaker, and everyone in the lobby began rushing to the armoury. Nicholas smiled “Good. It seems these recurring problems are being dealt with. Cole pulled out a shotgun from his gun cupboard and threw a triple barrelled revolver to Dr O’Malley, who thanked Cole and loaded the weapon. Cole nodded and said “Now it is time to partake the real war.” putting emphasis on k.

“Yes.” said Dr O’Malley “The real war.”


In no time at all the entire HQ had been armed. It had Gattling Guns set up on the balcony, huge robotic turrets ready to launch mini nukes and many AOM members and normal tourists ready to fight. Oliver marched back and forth along the top balcony with a microphone, so that everyone could hear him “As soon as I say fire, fire. OK?” Something snapped in the bushes. Oliver raised his binoculars and saw Dan and a couple of AOM soldiers running towards the HQ “Dan’s alive! This is great!” said Oliver. Dan started pointing behind him and screaming inaudibly. Oliver didn't need another warning though, because yet another snap was heard and an army of Dundoos launched out of the trees “FIRE!” at that moment, chaos ensued. Bullets were flying everywhere and Dundoos were falling two and fro. The commotion was made even higher when a mini nuke was launched, causing a huge explosion that shattered a section of the army. The Dundoos kept running though, and soon they were slamming into the glass doors of the HQ. Inside, Charlie fired his machine gun at the windows, not realizing they were bullet resistant. “Close the emergency locks!” yelled Cole “Three metal layers! Now!” Metal doors were lowered down to block the Dundoos, and just in time as well. As the doors were lowering, the glass was smashed and a single Dundoo dived through the gap in the metal doors just as the closed. Almost the moment he stood up everyone in the room was firing at him. Dan and his men had only just escaped fate, but they were already arming themselves “We need to evacuate this place.” said Dan when he found Cole “I agree. But how will we get away?” Cole shrugged. As the words were leaving his lips, he began groaning and lurched forward, throwing up a pile of bloody sick.

“Oh dear.” said Dan.

Chapter 12

The plot thickens

Cole woke up lying uncomfortably in a hospital bed. He looked around and realized he was in the HQ Sick bay. Dr O’Malley entered and sat down next to him “What happened to me?”

“Well, there’s no easy way to put it. See, when you got bitten, you must have been slightly infected. The reason you have eaten so much is because your immune system thinks that is the only way to counter the virus.”

“How long do I have?”

“It’s hard to say. You could have hours, or weeks.”

“Oh my god.” Cole gasped. He lay back down.”

“I’ll be going now.” said Dr O’Malley, and with that he got to his feet and left.


The Four Mad Men were strolling around on the balcony watching the Dundoos continuously scrape the doors “They can’t break through. Honestly, do they ever learn?” laughed Charlie.

“They are pretty stupid.” said Corban.

“But that doesn’t make them weak.” said Nicholas.

Oliver was dragging a mini nuke over as this conversation was going on; he loaded it up and was about to shoot the hoard when Nicholas blocked his path “Woah! If you do that you’ll destroy the wall of the building!” Oliver kept on loading.

“I think it will make pretty fireworks.” Said Charlie. Nicholas grabbed the mini nuke. Oliver jumped angrily and dropped the mini nuke over the balcony. It landed with a dull thud on a

Dundoo’s head. Dan ran up to them “Uh, hi guys. Cole is in hospital, he’s been infected.”


“How are you doing Cole?” asked Nicholas.

Cole weakly sat up “OK, I suppose.” he replied croakily. “To be honest, I feel crap.”

“Yes, that seems to be normal when infected with a deadly virus.”

Nicholas nudged Oliver, who pulled out a wrapped up present. He handed it to Cole, whose face lit up when he saw it “Thank you guys. You really shouldn’t have.”

“Just open the bloody present.” groaned Oliver. Cole greedily unwrapped the present, revealing a cardboard box. He opened the box, revealing...nothing. “Sorry Cole, the way to the gift shop was blocked.”

“That’s OK.” Cole put the box down at went to sleep. The Four Mad Men nodded slowly and edged out of the room.

Chapter 13

Growing pains

Dr O’Malley walked down the long corridor towards the landing pad. With Cole out for the count, he had recently announced himself substitute minister, and now his colleagues were coming, and their mission would soon be completed. The Helicopter landed slowly on the pad as Dr O’Malley walked out to it. An extraordinarily skinny man with a bald head skipped out of the sliding door. He shook hands with Dr O’Malley “Hello Dr James, good to see you.” said Dr O’Malley. Dr James nodded and stepped aside as a woman with curly blonde hair and a chubby man with a walking stick climbed out “Miss Silvia, Dr Blackbourne. I’m glad you all made it.”

“We would give anything for this opportunity.” said Miss Silvia. Dr Blackbourne nodded as Dr O’Malley led them towards the elevator “It is very lucky that Mr Slotemaker got sick, otherwise I don’t think we could have got this far.”

“Do you have the mutant serum?” asked Dr James.

“Yes, the trades ended just before this trouble started.”

“Good.” Dr James smiled. Dr O’Malley stopped suddenly and turned the corner to the elevator “We’ll be getting some Agents from the AOM to help us out.”

“Yes, we may need that.” said Dr Blackbourne.


Soon enough, Dr O’Malley, Dr Blackbourne, Miss Silvia and Dr James were heading back to the the helicopter, this time with a small group of Agents behind them. They all loaded into the helicopter and took off. The blade spun around as fast as possible and the helicopter sped towards the nearest Dundoos. When the Dundoos spotted the helicopter, they charged after it, roaring and growling and roaring and growling and roaring and get the idea. Dr O’Malley ordered the pilot to go low, and the helicopter flew down until it was hovering just a metre above the ground. Miss Silvia passed a small cannon to an Agent, who clicked it into the side railing and prepared to aim it, not that he needed to, because just then a Dundoo dived at the helicopter. The Agent pressed a button on the cannon and a net flew out and wrapped around the Dundoo. The net was connected to the helicopter, and the pilot steered it up and turned around to head back to the HQ. The helicopter landed softly and the agents dragged the netted Dundoo into a holding cell. Dr O’Malley got out of the helicopter and turned around, face to face with Nicholas.

“Can I help you?” asked Dr O’Malley. Nicholas frowned.

Chapter 14

A problem of security

“I don’t like what you are doing Mr O’Malley.”

“Dr O’Malley actually.”

“I don’t care! Why have you captured a Dundoo? He could infect everyone in the HQ!”

“It matters not old chap, we will use him to our advantage.”

“You’ll be hearing from our lawyers!” Nicholas spun around on his heel and marched away. Dr O’Malley nodded at two Agents, who walked forward with electric batons and zapped Nicholas on the back. Nicholas gasped and collapsed. Dr O’Malley kneeled down next to Nicholas “Sorry about that. Take him away!” The Agents loaded Nicholas onto a stretcher and took him to a holding cell. Dr James came over to Dr O’Malley “I suppose he needs to be dealt with?” he said, rubbing his hands together.

“On the contrary. He won’t escape.”


Corban sat down next to Cole “Did you hear what happened?”

“What?” said Cole as he sat up.

“Dr O’Malley is the Minister now, and he arrested Nicholas.”

“He can’t do that!”

“Well, obviously he doesn’t see it that way.”

“No, he can arrest Nicholas, I don’t care, but he can’t replace me!”

“OK, I thought you’d be more worried about Nicholas. He’s the one that hired you all those years ago as his PA. If it wasn’t for him you would NOT have your job.”

“Yes...I see your point. But how can he replace me?”

“Well, only as a substitute minister.”

“Thank god. Has he done anything else?”

“Yup. He has captured a Dundoo and bought it to the HQ.”

“Damn. I never should have trusted him. He went into the basement, and when I went down in the elevator I was almost incinerated!”

“OK. I need to tell the others.”


“He did WHAT?” exclaimed Oliver.

“You heard me.”

“How can he get away with that?”

“Well, his excuse was that Nicholas was going too crazy.”

“Was he?” said Charlie, scratching his head.

“No. He even altered the security cameras.”

“I should have known that numpty was rotten when I first met him.” Charlie was getting angrier by the minute “Why did we even let him onto the island?”

“Well, he seemed nice…” Corban bit his lip “Actually, why was he here? He said it was for the mutant shark serum, but he worked for S.I.”

“What is S.I?” asked Oliver.

“Security Industries, they make weapons. Why would they need the mutant serum?”

“For weapons. Duh!”

“Well, we can ask the Shark feeder, he’s still alive.”

“Good! What are we waiting for?”

Chapter 15


Yes, I understand that the Dundoos have been away for a while, but I don’t care if you don’t like it. Shut up and keep reading if you want more gore and Dundoos.


Dr O’Malley led Dr James, Miss Silvia and Dr Blackbourne out of the elevator and into the basement. A pair of Agents shoved the captive Dundoo out behind them with a bag tied over its head. It writhed around, and a third agent zapped it with his electric baton. The Dundoo was forcefully strapped to the bed, and the bag was swiped from its head. The four Scientists sat down in their chairs and prepared to put on their gas masks.

“If you would all take your capsule of Mutant Serum and inject it into yourself, I would be very grateful.” said Dr O’Malley. Everyone did this and then placed their gas masks on. The wires were plugged into the Dundoo’s head, and the three Agents stood back. Dr Blackbourne giggled psychotically “It’s alive!”

Dr O’Malley placed his gas mask on and picked up a remote control. He slammed a button. Sparks flew out of the Dundoos and up the wires. The scientists started jiggling about from electric shocks, and the Agents stood back, screaming their heads off. Then, everything went quiet. They removed their gas masks and looked in the hand held mirrors that they happened to be holding “It worked!” said Miss Silvia. Yes, the science experiment had worked, the four humans were now amazingly clever Dundoos. The Master Race.


To explain why they were now ultimate undead people, we have to talk about science. You see, when they injected themselves with the Mutant Shark Serum, it upgraded their genes, so when they mixed it with the Dundoo DNA, it created a new race! (By the way, the Dundoo test subject was now a burnt little piece of ash on the basement floor.)


“AHHHHH!” Two of the Agents sprinted into the elevator, only to be incinerated. The third Agent held out a pair of sticks like a cross screaming “Go back to the abyss foul demons!” This may have worked, except she made an X, not a +, so the Master Dundoos cracked her skull in half on the corner of the bed. Loverly.

Chapter 16

The 4th Reich

“It looks like the Dundoos have gone to regroup.” said Charlie.

“Good, we have time to do things.” The Three Mad Men walked over the balcony and into the inside lake were the Mutant Sharks lived. There was an electric fence around the lake and a metal bridge across the middle. The man who looked after the Sharks was an Irishman called Aengus McDougal. He constantly complained about people thinking he was Scottish, but that involved a $!#* ton of swearing, so we won’t get into that. Oliver walked up to Aengus, who was throwing human limbs into the tank. How he got them, I don’t know. “Oi, Aengus, did you give Dr O’Malley the Mutant Serum?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t know aboot that, like.”

“Well...did you give anyone the Mutant Serum recently?”

Oh, aye, a tank he ate to many taters, like.”

“Did you get his name?”

“Oh, I tank his neme was Dr Blackbourne, said he needed it to create a new warrior, like.”

Oliver smiled and went off the bridge back to the others “So they want to create a new weapon using the Serum...AND the Dundoo virus?”

“Oh, Tet would explain it, like.” said Aengus, suddenly appearing beside Oliver.

“Ah! Back to work Aengus!”

“Oh, OK, like.” Aengus chuckled and skipped back to the bucket of limbs “We need to stop Dr O’Malley as soon as possible!” said Corban.


Dr O’Malley was currently leading his friends out into the Corn Fields of Madness. They had escaped by ripping a couple of guards in half, and were now looking for the Dundoos. Unfortunately for them, the Mutant Serum didn’t get rid of some of the simpler Dundoo genes, for example an inability to speak any real language apart from the words ‘Brains’ ‘in’ and ‘there’. Fortunately for them, they could still say some words like ‘we’ ‘Fourth’ and ‘Reich’. They could find the Dundoos pretty easily due to their amazingly disgusting smell. Dr James was getting hungry, and being a Master Race Dundoo, he really wanted some brains. The Dundoos were currently sleeping beside a giant bonfire, and obviously they didn’t know the effect of fire on a human body, seeing as some were sleeping in the fire. Miss Silvia pulled out a revolver and fired it in the air, waking all the Dundoos up from their nonexistent dreams. Dr O’Malley climbed onto the roof of a crashed Mini Cooper and began talking “!” he pointed at the HQ “We...Fourth...Reich!” this was enough to get the Dundoos going, and they all started cheering (If throwing up can be called cheering). Dr O’Malley said his last word that wouldn’t be brains, in, there, we, fourth or Reich “ATTACK!” The army of Dundoos had a leader now, and with someone to encourage them, they charged into the Corn Fields, tripping over Corn Cobs and trampling each other like a herd of angry Elephants running at full speed towards a pack of homeless Monkeys. (I don’t care if Monkeys don’t live in packs, editor, so don’t you dare delete this bit!!!!!(Or this bit either, because it’s a joke, get it?))

Chapter 17

Multiple swear words that would get a movie an R18 rating

The cell that Nicholas was being kept in had a wall made entirely of iron bars. It was placed in the level of the HQ just above the Basement but just below ground level, so he had seen the Dundoo getting taken away by Dr O’Malley and his gang of pirates. Nicholas was sitting alone singing ‘Yellow Submarine’ as loudly as possible, hoping to get someone’s attention. It didn’t work. Big surprise. Nicholas kept singing, and then, out of the blue, Charlie popped up with a crowbar. He slammed it on the lock and smashed the door open. Corban and Oliver popped up behind him with weapons. Nicholas smiled delightfully “You came! You came to rescue me!”

“Well, yeah. The Three Mad Men, or TTMM, Doesn’t quite sound right.” said Charlie. Nicholas leaped to his feet and danced over to his friends “So, what’s going on?”

“We just got news that Dr O’Malley and his three friends have turned into amazing Mutant/Dundoo things and are rallying the other Dundoos to attack the HQ.”

“Right...that isn’t good, is it. What are we going to do?”

“We are going to partake in the real war!” said Corban.

“ mean we weren’t already doing that?”

“Shut up.” Thus, The Four Mad Men were reunited once more (yes, it happens an awful lot, doesn't it?) and they set out to battle the latest edition to the TFMM Rouge’s Gallery, including (but not limited to) The TTs, The Frightful Four and Puku Nuku. They walked outside and looked ahead at the Corn Fields of Madness, where a giant Dundoo army was stumbling around and slowly but surely making their way towards the HQ. Nicholas stroked his beardless chin “On second thoughts, maybe we should just go and find the Master Dundoo things.”

“Yeah, the Dundoos seem to be ruining their attack without any help.”


Cole was reading Playboy when Dan entered to see how he was. Cole slammed the magazine shut and chucked it under his bed.

“Minister, how are you?”

Cole sighed “I think I’m getting better. I haven’t felt to hungry recently...truth be told, I’m absolutely ravenous, but apparently the immune system is wrong and eating actually speeds the transformation up.”

“Well, I actually came to tell you some terrible news.”


“That jerk Dr O’Malley and his pals have mixed the Dundoo virus and the Mutant Shark Serum together and turned themselves into clever Dundoos. Now they’re leading the Dundoos to attack the HQ.”

“That is bad. I need to help out!”

“But you haven’t recovered!”

“I’ll be fine.” Cole climbed out of bed, but winced as soon as he stood up. Dan looked at Cole’s leg wound and saw that it was worse than ever.

Chapter 18

Into the skies

“Oh dear. That’s not good.”

“Get back into bed, it’ll heal up.”

“No. I have to do this. I’d rather die than become a Dundoo.” Cole limped out, ignoring Dan, who was begging him not to go. Cole exited the building and went onto the landing pad, where Dr O’Malley’s helicopter was still landed. Cole called for two Agents, and they climbed in. One prepared a minigun turret on the railing of the helicopter, and one was seated as the co-pilot. Cole climbed in. Dan walked up to the window “Any last words?”

“Don’t be so negative. If I do die though, tell The Four Mad Men that if they replace me with a sore loser, I will come back to haunt the HQ. Got that?”

“I’ll do that.” Dan smiled and returned to the HQ to watch the helicopter launch into the skies.


The Four Mad Men exited the building and went into the garage, where a single Kombi was parked. Charlie smiled evilly and dived into the driver's seat. Nicholas, Oliver and Corban piled into the back. Each of them had equipped themselves with a shotgun tied to their back, a bullet proof vest, two lugers and a tommy-gun. Charlie laughed his car driving laugh and slammed the accelerator, smashing right through the garage door. This Kombi happened to be the same one that Corban and Charlie had armed with wheel spikes, spare tire bombs, door missile launchers, machine guns in the headlights and a mini nuke turret on the roof for good luck. The Kombi plowed through any Dundoos that got in the way with ease, and by the time they had got past the army, the wheels were smothered with blood. The Four Mad Men marched out of their transport and loaded their weapons. They saw the Mini Cooper and raised their guns. They were going to shoot as soon as they got into the clearing, but when they did get into the clearing, not a soul was in sight. “They must have gone to the HQ.” said Nicholas.

“How boring. Does that mean we came out here for no reason what so ever?”

“Yes Charlie.” Oliver said as he smashed the side mirror off the Mini Cooper. As he smashed the side mirror, the Corn fields began to blow sideways. “I think God must like Minis Oliver!” shouted Nicholas over the roaring wind. They looked up and saw Cole’s helicopter hovering above them. Cole put his face up to the window and waved. The Four Mad Men waved back as the helicopter picked up speed and flew towards the Dundoo army.

Chapter 19

Battle of the Corn Crops

The Dundoos all looked to the skies as soon as the helicopter came over them. One particularly aggressive Dundoo roared at the top of his lungs and began beating his chest like a Gorilla. The gunner placed a cigar his mouth and laughed before pulling the trigger and unleashing an eruption of bullets onto the Dundoos. Countless Dundoos fell in this battle, which has simply become known as-you guessed it-the battle of the Corn Crops. Cole spun the helicopter around while the gunner continuously fired. This sent a deadly spray of bullets into every Dundoo that didn’t get out of the way in time. Cole laughed crazily while this happened, and the Co-Pilot just sat back with a distorted look of mangled fear on her face. Cole leaned over, and kept on spinning the helicopter. “Are you OK?”

“Yes sir, I just feel a little sick.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll have defeated these buggers pretty soon…” Cole’s sentence was cut short by a bloodcurdling scream from the gunner. Both Cole and the Co-Pilot turned around to see what was happening. To their surprise, a Dundoo had jumped into the helicopter and thrown the gunner into the hoard. Cole stared helplessly as the gunner was shredded to pieces by countless Dundoos. The Co-Pilot pulled out a Derringer Pistol and undid her seatbelt. She climbed over and shot the Dundoo almost point blank in the brains. Cole gave her the thumbs up, which she returned “I suppose I’ll have to take the gunner position sir!” sadly, not every story has a happy ending, for just as the words left her lips, yet another Dundoo jumped onto the side of the helicopter. It bit her shoulder and threw her against the wall. Cole saw this happen and made an attempt to pull out his throwing knife. The Dundoo saw what he was doing and unleashed its full fury on him. It growled and dived at him, biting a huge chunk of flesh out of his neck. Cole unsheathed the knife and jammed it into his attacker’s throat. The Dundoo coughed and died. Cole held a handkerchief over his neck, trying to stop the bleeding, but he was unsuccessful. He began to cough up almost a quarter of a cup of blood at a time Cole looked out the window and saw the Dundoos, still begging for more blood. He looked at the two dead bodies in the helicopter and this was when he realized that the end was nigh. He opened up the loudspeaker cap and spoke into it so that all the Dundoos heard “See you in hell you mother fudgers!” Cole forced the control stick down, and the helicopter collided with the Dundoo hoard in a spectacular explosion of blood, guts and fire. Thus perished Cole Slotemaker.

Chapter 20

The showdown

“Jesus Christ! Did you see that?” Corban pointed at the fiery wreck of the helicopter. The few surviving Dundoos that were involved in the incident were walking in circles, shocked at the sudden death of multiple of their kind. Some suddenly dropped dead from shock, while others just sat and stared at the flame. “Cole is dead. I’m so sad!” said Nicholas “He was my friend! Oh well, can’t be helped! Do you guys want to kill some Dundoos?”


So instead of mourning the loss of one of their oldest friends, our heroes (If they deserve that title) set off to fight the Dundoos. With their guns loaded, they were ready for a bloodbath. The Dundoos quickly forgot the explosion and charged into battle. Charlie dropped his guns, yanked a random fence post out of the ground and swung it into the nearest Dundoo’s head, splattering its brains onto the Corn (He did all this while keeping up a considerable pace.) Nicholas pulled out his dual Lugers and began shooting bullets out all over the place. Many Dundoos fell down dead, and the fields were stained with blood. Oliver held down the trigger of his Tommy Gun and sent a spray of bullets flying all over the place. A Dundoo dived onto his back and he swung the Drum, into its head. Corban got the but of his rifle and chopped his way to the end of the fields. Soon enough all the Dundoos that had survived the explosion were dead, and The Four Mad Men came to another clearing. This one did not have a mini cooper in it, but instead had a Toyota Hilux. In the distance, more Dundoos were walking towards the HQ. “That was fun!” said Charlie chirpily “Let’s do it again!”

They prepared their weapons, and were about to charge at their enemies, when the Master Dundoos stepped in front of them blocking their way.

“Hello. I don’t like what you seem to be doing here.” said Dr O’Malley (Who had redeveloped his speech).

“That is unfortunate...oh well!” Nicholas raised his guns, only to be punched square in the face by Dr Blackbourne. He rolled his eyes and fell over backwards. After that the Master Dundoos completely pummeled The Four Mad Men. There were broken bones, bleeding noses and big bruises, but none of these wounds were inflicted on the Master Dundoos. Dr O’Malley laughed evilly and kicked Corban in the face as the mad man rolled over defeated. This would have been the end of The Four Mad Men, but luckily for them it was at that moment that a large group of Agents led by Dan charged out of the HQ, shooting and chopping and slaying any Dundoo that got within a foot of them. The Master Dundoos groaned angrily and went to fight the Agents, leaving The Four Mad Men in a pool of their own blood.

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