The Frightful Four are a group of villains that face The Four Mad Men. They consist of Riley (Brother of Cole), Mitchell, Bailey and her twin sister Claudia.

First Appearance Edit

The Frightful Four first appeared in TFMM Comics Issue 7. TFMM Comics don't exist. They were all workers for TFMM who actually hated their bosses, so they joined forces and tried to destroy the island. They were defeated and put in an asylum.

Second Appearance Edit

In TFMM Comics Issue 15, The Frightful Four escaped the Asylum to get revenge. Eventually they were killed. Cole was forced to kill his brother Riley.

In Film and TV Edit

In the nonexistent film The Four Mad Men, The Frightful Four had different origins. Riley worked with Cole at +hr=e studios. He betrayed Cole to work with the gang owners, Bailey, Claudia and Mitchell. They created a giant mech which attacked the city, but The Four Mad Men exploded it and the Frightful Four were sent to the asylum.

In the nonexistent TV Show The Four Mad Men Origins (A prequel show showing how The Four Mad Men came to be) Riley was Cole's brother who was sent to an asylum after murdering multiple people. In Season 4 The Frightful Four join together to kill Cole.

In Books Edit

In The Four Mad Men: The Frightful Four, they have the same origins as in the comics. At the end they are sent to the asylum, as usual.