The Island is a TV show started in 2017. It is about the strange things that go on on Mad Island.

Episodes Edit

# Title Release Date
1 The Storm 17/11/17
D During a huge storm on

Mad Island, Nicholas

and Cole realise that they

are not alone...

2 The Capture part 1 18/08/18
D When Bob, Nicholas' new

PA, turns up dead, Nicholas

tasks Riley with the job of

finding the killer. There's only

one little problem: it's Cole.

3 The Capture part 2 8/09/18
D Cole tries to prevent Nicholas

from remembering what happened

in the previous episode while also

trying to uncover the truth about

the pay rises. This is going to be a

busy day!

4 The Capture part 3 1/10/18
D After a failed attempt at stealing the

Matrix from the Pentagon, Nicholas

and Cole return to Mad Island, only

to discover that Riley has taken over

as Minister of Clubs and Control. The

final episode in The Capture trilogy.

Cast Edit

Nicholas as himself, Bob, Patch, and Bob Apple Mackingtosh.

Cole as himself

Riley as himself (Episode 2 onwards)