Created by Nicholas in 2016, The Nightmare Cult is a killer cult.

Story Edit

The Nightmare Cult were a group of people who lived in South America. They kidnapped people and sacrificed them to the gods. They had secret connections with Security, who kept them hidden from the public. In a trade for this, they kidnapped Oliver for Security and transformed him into Orangutan. Nicholas, Charlie and Corban came to save Oliver and uncovered The Nightmare Cult. Orangutan recognized them and helped kill the cult.

Notable Members Edit

  • Mr. Big-Horns: Mr. Big-Horns is the leader of The Nightmare Cult. He wears a helmet with huge horns to ram people with. He is killed by Nicholas, who jumps up behind him and tears him to shreds with a scythe.
  • Death: He is a skilled assassin. When The Nightmare Cult is destroyed he goes to Security, who gives him a new mission.
  • The Creepy Janitor: This loyal member of the cult pretended to work for The Four Mad Men, but then he helped kidnap Oliver. He is killed when he is sent to kill the remaining members of TFMM, because Dan chokes him to death.