Created by Oliver And Nicholas The Scientist was made for [1]Orangutan's Friend.

Sandplants Edit

A Sandplant is a plant the scientist made up to make Orangutan happy.

Make Your Own Sandplant Edit

  • Get an optional amount of stones and put them under the sand
  • Then the next day get a leaf and put it on top of where you planted your Sandplant.

The Scientist helps Orangutan with all sorts of things.

Meeting Orangutan Edit

He met Orangutan as a teenager when Orangutan was the unsophisticated monkey living in the wild. The Scientist was studying with a large group of poachers who he thought were lawfully hunting in the amazon when they were ambushed by Orangutan, who killed two men. They got lost while following him and when one man was killed he dropped a cannister of gas he stole from the Scientist. The gas made Orangutan clever and he began only killing them if they attacked him or he heard a siren. One time the poachers shot at him with AKA47s and he killed five of them and chased the rest away. He also knocked the scientist out and the Poachers left him. The Scientist woke up in Orangutan's tree hut and Orangutan made him a Cup of tea. While they were slowly becoming friends a poacher threw smoke bombs into the hut and scared Orangutan. The man also threw a stick of TNT into the hut and Orangutan hugged the Scientist to defend him.

Defending Orangutan Edit

After the explosion they ran out of the ruined hut and came to a huge tree. The poachers were there and the Crazy leader shot Orangutan with a Mini gun. Orangutan fell out of the tree and they thought he died. The Scientist realised they were poachers and they took him prisoner even though he told them that Orangutan was nice. He escaped and in the end Orangutan was bought to the Zoo to be safe by the Scientist. That is the Origins of the Oreangutan Chronicles.