The TTs are The Four Mad Men's arch enemies. The members are TNT, KFC, JRT and BDF. They usually have three of these people in the group.

First Appearance Edit

The TTs first appeared in the nonexistent comic series The Four Mad Men. They appeared in Issue 1. JRT was friends with Charlie, but when the evil TNT and KFC arrived JRT betrayed The Four Mad Men and became a TT. They continiously appeared in comics, but in 2016, KFC was injected with puffer fish DNA by Dr Pons. He puffed up so much that he exploded. He was therefore replaced by BDF.

In Film and TV Edit

The TTs made their first on screen appearance in the second TFMM movie, Rise of the TTs. They created a hooter virus and injected it into JRT, driving him insane. This is what made him betray TFMM. BDF made a brief cameo at the end after KFC was shot in the head by Dr Pons, who created the hooter virus. Dr Pons also died, but only because the bullet went straight through KFC's head and bounced off a wall into Dr Pons' eye. JRT appears in Season 2 of The Four Mad Men Origins. He is a Police Officer who helps The Four Mad Men called Jacques. KFC is in Season 1 as a smuggler called Captain Marko. BDF is in Season 3 as a character called Dr Simmons. TNT hasn't appeared yet, but a character that looks like him has appeared. It has not been confirmed if they are one and the same yet.