The Titans series is a trilogy of books about the orginal TFMM characters from Roast Dadda and Roast Bubba to Mad Man and Toodlelatzu.

Rise of the Titans Edit

In the first book of the trilogy, we are introduced to the first few characters. They are all bought together while fighting a plague of faceless Zombies.

Day of the Titans Edit

Hello and his family, The Roots, Scavenger, The Roast family and the other 'Titans' find a series of strange clues that could lead them to the creator of the faceless Zombies. But the enemy is already raising an army...

Clash of the Titans Edit

5 years after Hello's shocking death, the Titans have gone into hiding. Meanwhile Security is destroying the world with his evil Titans. When an old enemy joins our heroes, they realize only they can defeat Security and his army.

Notes Edit

  • This series is the opener to the new age of TFMM. Nicholas has said it will be darker and grittier, with less goofy comedy.
  • When the first book is complete, it will be uploaded to the wiki.
  • This is the first full length book to have every character present in the pages.