Created by Nicholas in 2015, Toodlelatzu was an evil doll who played 'games' with his captives.

Story Edit

Toodlelatzu and his three younger brothers The pirate puppet, Muppety Puppety and Stretchy were created by a phsyco puppet maker in an old town that was deserted long ago. The puppet maker had an obssesion with making his dolls come to life and be evil. Each month Toodlelatzu left and used his puppet slaves to grab people from their beds. Then the game would begin. The game would have Toodlelatzu kill everyone and turn them into mindless puppet slaves until there was one last survivour. If the same person survived two more games he would be set free, but no-one has survived 3 games.

Death Edit

Toodlelatzu was stabbed with a spear in the book Dolly. At the end it is revealed that he was made alive again by the Puppet maker. In the second book, Dolly 2: Family, Toodlelatzu used all his brothers in the game but was finally finished off when George Makin destroyed his battrey box, so in the third book, Dolly: The Fifth Brother, the main villain was the fith unknown puppet.

Notes Edit

  • George Makin was Hello's father.
  • When he died, toodlelatzu said he had an older brother.