Venom is a character created by Charlie in 2016. No one knows much about him.

Hide out Edit

Venom lives in an abandoned Military base that was used in World War 2. It was deserted in 1953, and he was first seen in 1957. He waits for unsuspecting explorers to arrive and when they enter he attacks them and drags them into his lair. He has a small room where he sleeps and eats.

Appearance Edit

Venom wears a ragged grey hoodie and torn brown trousers. Under his hood you can't see his face, you can only see his glowing white eyes. He has a pair of Wasp wings that fold up on his back unless he is hunting outside his lair. Nobody knows what he looks like under his hood.

Weapons Edit

When Venom captures someone he stings them. This makes the victim go completely numb and he sucks out their insides. If he gets attacked he can use his sting for defense.

Film and TV Edit

Venom has not appeared in any movies. In the TV Show The Four Mad Men Origins, Venom is the name taken by two different characters. Mr Murphy is a deranged scientist who injects himself with a virus called Venom. This makes him stronger. He also uses an uncomplete version of Venom to paralyze his victims before completely disemboweling them. He was killed by a Police Officer called Diego Horowitz, who shot him in the eye of the gas mask he wore. The second Venom was a mysterious man who worked for The Order of the Shadow Monks. He wore the same trench coat, gas mask and hood as the previous Venom, but he also crafted himself a pair of wings.

Notes Edit

  • Charlie could not figure out a name for him, so Nicholas came up with the name Venom.
  • Venom is the first evil character TFMM have created in a while.