Donated to The Four Mad Men by a good chap called Cameron, Weird Science was created in 2017.

Characters Edit

The characters are Dr O'Malley (the fiery haired boss), Silly Sally (Dr O'Malley's lab assistant), Dr Ying and Dr Yang (The heads of experiments), Psycho Sam (The crazy resident of the lab) and Baby Billy (Silly Sally's nephew).

Plot Edit

Each episode has a different science experiment that usually ends with a lot of chaos. Most episodes have a segment in which Sam does an experiment. Sam's segments are very violent and rude, so they are the only part of the show that is R18. Dr O'Malley, Silly Sally, Dr Ying and Dr Yang always head the experiment. Baby Billy appears sometimes so Sally can look after him, but he usually just causes trouble.

Reviews Edit

The show is very popular because it teaches kids science in a cartoony but not too childish way so that adults can enjoy it to. The Sam scenes are definitely parents only though...

The picture below-Psycho Sam's test to see if Hot Fuzz would work or not in the episode 'How much water can my Hydrogel hold?'.