Created by Corban in 2015, Wild Corban is a not so tough or mad as Madman. He is far more athletic than Madman and not as dangerous.

Discovery Edit

In Madman one Arnie had been split up from the rest of the group. He hid in a bush and saw Wild Corban in a tree. Wild Corban threw him a Banana to get his attention. Arnie said "Hello there" and Wild Corban ran away.

Abilities Edit

He can breath under water for about five hours and can run extremely fast, so fast he can outrun a Cheetah, although it takes an hour to get that fast. He only gets tired after five to eight hours of running.

Hook and Punch Edit

In the Black Castle Hook was being chased by the Crocodile. Corban came out of nowhere and punched the Croc and it swam away. It came back later but four chapters later. Corban also wrestled a pack of Never Wolves to save Captain Punch. He is an Exiled Piccany Indian (The Native tribe to Neverland) in Hook and Punch.

Notes Edit

  • His best friend is Madman.
  • He has a pet Sibearian tiger called Kitty.